Here's how our 3-step system works


Choose a vase that suits your style or occasion. Then select a flower bouquet with a matching, color-coded label. Is your heart set on roses or lilies? You can start by picking a flower bouquet you love – then select a vase with a matching label. Get creative! Our system guarantees a perfect arrangement every time.


Cut your bouquet to the length indicated on your selected vase by measuring from the tops of the flowers. With Complement Design, there’s no guesswork! Our labels allow you to create dazzling arrangements in tall and short vases.


Show off the beautiful flower designs you’ve created yourself – or give them as gifts to loved ones and friends! Add color and style to your family room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. All of our vases are dishwasher safe. Re-use your favorites to create new designs!

We make it easy to create beautiful floral arrangments

With Complement Design’s unique mix-and-match system, you’ll be able to create custom floral arrangements or make the perfect gift for someone special – at a fraction of the price you would pay a professional. When you visit one of our retail partners, you’ll find our kiosk with everything you need to get started: a wide selection of vases, matching labels with instructions, and a short video to guide you through your arrangement.

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Let your creativity blossom

See our DIY checklist for making a great arrangement