From Flowers... to Floral Masterpieces

Here are some simple tips help you design your floral arrangement like a pro:

Start with a clean vase

This is simple to do, because all Complement Design vases are dishwasher safe!

Measure from the top

Using the length indicated on the vase label, measure from the top of the tallest flower. You don’t have to cut perfectly! Some variation in stem length is fine – it may even add a nice touch to your arrangement!

Trim your flowers

Cut your flowers on a diagonal to help them stay fresh.

Remove the leaves

Remove all leaves from flower stems below the mouth of the vase to reduce bacteria and keep your flowers looking healthy.

Branch out

If your bouquet comes with flowers like daisy poms that have many branches, remove the lower branching stems and add them around the mouth of the vase after you have arranged your flowers.

Go green!

If your bouquet comes with decorative greens, such as woody stems with leaves, set them aside and add them to the arrangement last. This finishing touch will give your flower arrangement a top-notch look.