A proven system for retailers

Complement Design’s fresh approach to the self-serve market is a proven way to increase sales and add an upscale experience to your floral department.

A Complement Design kiosk includes a complete selection of vases, matching labels with instructions, and a short video to guide customers.  The creativity and cost savings of our system promotes and inspires repeat customers.  Our retail partners can boost floral sales and reduce retail shrink without adding any staff!

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Complement Design

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We provide complete, easy-to-install kiosk systems with vases and marketing materials that are individually packaged for your retail stores. Vase schematics are included for simple ordering and restocking of product.  We’re available to help you with planning and set-up – everything you need to be successful.

Get ready

Identify locations for the kiosks and power sources near the flower bouquet displays in each of your participating stores. Tell us how many kiosk systems you need for your stores, and we will ship them to your warehouse. Call us at 719.290.1270 for assistance – we’re available to help with planning, ordering, and set-up!

Set up kiosks

After your warehouse receives the order, distribute systems to stores and follow the enclosed instructions to set up kiosks, video monitors, and promotional materials. Open boxed vases and arrange on kiosk according to schematic. New vases can be ordered any time!

Boost your sales!

Add immediate value to your floral department with a creative shopping experience. Vases can be matched to your existing flower bouquets or Complement Design bouquets. Increase your flower sales and reduce shrink with our innovative system!